Article #03

The Art of Disruption

Build your CX for the latest
evolution of consumers

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Interview with Klarna

Providing a customer experience that connects with your audience has never been more
important. We interviewed Klarna on the ‘Art of Disruption’ and how to upgrade your CX to
bring in new business and drive customer loyalty.

How to embrace new customer
opportunities at speed

How consumer demographics and
expectations have changed

Steps to ensure your CX creates
an emotional bond with customers

Explore the checkout experiences
that frustrate customers

Tailoring your eCommerce site
for the mobile-first consumer

Ways to streamline your current
CX to add value

Interview with

Rob Beattie
Partner Manager, Klarna

I’m a Partner Manager at Klarna in the UK, working with key technology partners, solution integrators and digital agencies to bridge the gap between our partner network and merchants either already working with, or looking to partner with Klarna.

I’ve been working for Klarna for just over a year and previous to that spent three years managing partnerships at Brightpearl which is a retail operations platform. I’ll spare you the details of a lifetime in recruitment prior to working in the eCommerce technology space.


Shake up your CX to attract and
retain new customers

We’ve partnered with leading fintech firm Klarna to explore The Art of Disruption –
how to upgrade your CX to bring in new business and drive customer loyalty.
Join us to explore how eCommerce sites can enhance the experience of new and
returning users to keep them coming back for more.

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