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Experience-Driven Commerce

Build rich commerce experiences that
empower your business in 2021

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Interview with Adobe

In 2021 companies will be looking to accelerate sales by utlising the latest technology to
make advances in their Customer Experience (CX) online. We interviewed Adobe on
how important Experience-Driven Commerce is for businesses today and how personalisation
can enhance customer experiences online and drive customers to purchase.

Explore ‘Experience-driven
commerce’ for businesses today

Live your brand through
experiences that you offer

Key technologies for the future
of customer experiences online

Personalisation your customer
experience online to drive sales

Use of Artificial Intelligence
to drive personalisation

Optimise your insights from
real-time shopping behaviours

Interview with

Marion Freijsen
Strategic Business Advisor, Adobe

For the past 20 years, I have been C-level at various technology and social media companies. Upon returning to the Netherlands, I joined the country’s largest eCommerce company in wine/coffee as COO where I ran a full digital transformation program, migrating all their labels from old eCommerce stacks to Magento. Adobe then asked me to lend that expertise to their clients. At Adobe I run the Commerce Strategy team that works with customers through understanding their goals and ambitions and helping them align technology, process and people to achieve them.


CX Technology Trends for 2021

Join our interactive discussion on the technology trends that will drive your digital CX
forwards in 2021. We have teamed up with Adobe to take you through the latest technology to
create personalised, rich commerce experiences that will empower your business.

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