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Differentiate your customer experience
with superior product management.

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Customer Experience Series

The Customer Experience Series explores positive ways to build your brand experience
online to acquire and retain your customers to aid business recovery. Article one, an
interview with Akeneo explores how you can build a solid product offering to make
sure that you stand out from your competition.

Move your product from
being a commodity

Inspire your customers
to purchase

Move beyond tech specs
and create an emotional

Tips on creating a superior
product experience

How to adopt new systems
and gain business buy in

Unlock future business
growth and stay agile

Interview with

John Evans, Senior Director,
Demand Generation at Akeneo

My career has been based in data management,in business
intelligence roles, data warehousing, and many years in
the master data management space. Here I looked at
harmonising master data on a variety of different data
domains, primarily for sending data to internal systems.

I joined Akeneo three years ago to enable
brands,manufacturers, and retailers to prepare product
data for customer-facing use ; in their
websites, marketplaces, print catalogues, on social
platforms, and in-store systems. Currently, I work as
the Senior Director of Demand Generation at Akeneo.


Differentiate your buying
experience online

Join our webinar to see how to craft a superior product experience and inspire your
customer to purchase. We have teamed up with Akeneo to discuss how you can
differentiate your eCommerce customer experience with superior product experience.

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Customer Experience Series #01

Expert Insights

Our new customer experience series explores positive ways to acquire and
retain your customers to aid business recovery. Keep up to date with more
articles in our Customer Experience Series coming soon, from leading
industry experts and partners in the digital commerce field.